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31 December
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A lil something about Me.
Name: Monique
Nickname: Mona, Mommy or Bad Girl
Age: 28
Birthdate: New Years Eve
Location: NJ (Jersey Girls Best In the World)
Stats: 34D -30-34
Education: College (psychology, early childhood edu. & Minor in Criminal Justice)
Pets: Dog, Cats (many) a Bird (cockatiel - got to love cocks)
3 Favorite Movies: Gone With The Wind (Love History and By gone era), All 3 Fast & Furious movies (fast cars and sexy peoples, Yum set in good music!), Gone in 60 Seconds (fast, beautiful cars and Bad Boys with great music and sexy undertone).
Song I can't get enough of:"Pure some Sugar on Me" Def Lepard, "Red Neck Woman" Gretchen Wilson, "It's 5 o'clock somewhere" Alan Jackson-I am very much a country girl!
Whats the first thing that attracts me to a man? Voice, sweet, sexy words and thoughts expressed..telling me what you want and how I can please you ...what makes you hot, really burnin hot, and ready to explode?!
Most sensitive part of my body? My inner forearm-rubbed it softly and it instantly makes my nipples hard and my pussy wet!
Favorite sex position: I have two! First is Doggy style (I Like it from behind) Fuck me hard with your hand wrapped in my hair and you hear me MOAN ! 2nd I love submission with my legs spread far apart and up by my ears for DEEP penetration�
Wildest sex I ever had? In Hedo 3 in Jamaica- the Nude pool with about 10 partners. We had this massive pleasure orgy, while about 30 others watched us fuck in the cave under the water fall. I'm wet just thinking about it!
Favorite Sex Toy? My Mini Clit stimulator-goes everywhere with me-I can use it any time, anywhere-and I do! Also Love my double ended dildo cause I can fuck myself and my girl-friends at the same time! Fun, Fun, Fun!
Do you have a fetish? I have A Foot Fetish (I love my toes suched and my feet rubbed and caressed, makes me so horny) rough sex (spanking & being spanked), group sex (swinging couples to massive orgy)I am very turned on by rape and bondage (especially my legs tied far apart and my hands) I am also great in punishing BAD BOYS and making you behave! All in all I LOVE SEX & all kinds with all kinds and I am always ready to try something new !
Something sexual you did, that really went wrong? Having a police officer open the door of my car when I was just about to cum and almost arresting us for "Fucking in Public".
What do you like to do when you are not working? Cook , bake, garden, clean, run my company, take care of my child and home visit with friends and family and entertain (parties, picnics). Play in the river and pool -Love water !.
Where do you go to escape? I sit by the River and watch the water (sometimes dangle my feet off the dock in the water) or I listen to music, love to sing. I'm not great at it, but I get lost in words and rhythm!
If you had a soap box...Earth Friendly , into preserving mother earth�we need her! I'm also an advocate for women in business. THAT"S ME! .